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Getting involved in ministry:


Wow!  We are so glad you want to help out!  Ministry workers are always needed and so APPRECIATED!


 Some of you we've known for a long time, and some are new.  If we've known you for awhile, by all means,  let us know where you want to jump in!  If you're new, we want you to relax for a little while and let us get to know you, your gifts, and the things that you have a passion for.


 Our Philosophy of Serving


Now, before we get started, we want you to know that God does not base your value on what you can or cannot DO or how well you do something for Him.  He loves you for who you are not what you do. You never have to PROVE your love to Him or try to be good enough by DOING a lot of good things.   You are not defined by your ministry or what you DO FOR GOD.  You are defined by WHOSE YOU ARE.  The truth is you are a son or a daughter of the Heavenly Father and you never have to EARN his love.  He gives His love to you freely with a heart full of joy!


What we do for God becomes joyful and freeing and is no longer burdensome when it flows from a heart that is consumed with loving God.   It should feel like a privilege when we serve God and not a duty.  If we're all about duty, let's examine our hearts once more.  


Sometimes we do things just to fill a need and that's not a bad thing.  It sometimes becomes necessary on occasion. It's something we've all been willing to do and is certainly commendable.  However, we want what you do to be fulfilling and life-giving to you!   Check out this list and see where you might fit in.  Thank you so much for being willing to serve!


  •  Greeting & Ushering: These are some EASY areas of ministry to get involved in.  We can easily train you in these areas.  All you really need is a commitment to show up when your name is on the schedule, and a friendly disposition.   People need to feel welcomed when they walk in the door, so even though these jobs are easy, they are SO important!

       Ushers are usually responsible for taking and counting the offering.  They also are assigned to keep a watchful eye out in        the service to see if people need assistance.   If a mom is struggling with her kids and the diaper bag, or an elderly person         is having a hard time getting up, the ushers should be there to help. 


  • Hospitality Ministry.  We consider Hospitality one of the most important ministries of our church. Workers are always needed in this area - both men & women.  Setting a pleasant atmosphere for people to experience the love of God is essential. We aim to make everyone feel like they are home! Since we are a relationally based church, that means we will have a lot food functions and home group functions that require your skills.  When you work in hospitality, organizational skills are important along with being able to work well with others.  Besides making food or helping to organize a feast,  we need some muscle help to move tables and such.  Hospitality is FUN.  Relationships are made and strengthened by working side by side.  Many friendships have been forged over the dish water after a church dinner.   Hospitality also include organizing and taking dinners to those who have been ill, hospitalized, or have had a death in the family.   We all need to be willing to pitch in and help in these times of crisis.  


  • Ministry of Helps-  essential for reaching our community:  Some of you may not be able to deliver an eloquent sermon, but you're good with a hammer and a shovel and like to do various repair work.  Maybe you're great with cleaning and you do a better job than most.  These acts of service often speak so much louder than words!  The fact is that the church needs your help!  Not only does the physical church building need your skill set, but there is a community of hurting people that can be ministered to and blessed by your skill.  How great is it to go out and help an elderly widow with a leaky roof that doesn't have the money to hire someone to repair it.  What about the single mom with 3 kids who needs her front door fixed so that her lock can be secure.  The opportunities are endless to minister the love of Christ to people in this way.   There are people out there that are so physically pressed and in pain that they no longer can clean their house or go to the grocery store.  This is a vital ministry of being God's physical hands to reach a hurting world.  We all know people that are in need and it is one of our #1 goals to reach out to these people as a body.  Please let us know if you're interested in helping in this area.  Also let us know who you know that is in need. 


  • Children and youth minstry:  We would really be EXCITED if you wanted to help in this area!  It is so important to minister to children. We endeavor to lead them in training that will help them to not only learn and grow in their relationship with God, but also to become kind and caring individuals in the body of Christ.  They are the present and the FUTURE of the Body of Christ and our most valuable gifts.  We love our children and want to keep them safe therefore these ministries require some extra steps.  If you're an adult desiring to help with children's ministry, a background check will be necessary.  Please know we appreciate your desire to work with our kids,  and we don't want to make it hard for anyone to help, but these are steps that must be taken legally and for the safety of our children.


  • Intercessory prayer:  Effective intercession is perhaps the core of what the church is propelled by.  Spirit led, effective, targeted and thoughful intercession is needed.  While anyone can and certainly should pray (without ceasing) , there are certain principals that are set forth in scripture that we would like to implement on our intercessory prayer teams.   If you would like to be on the intercessory prayer team, we'll get you some training, just let us know.  Meanwhile, never cease to to pray.  Communicating with God is the most important thing you can do!


  • Teaching, Preaching:  It is our desire to offer people sound Biblical teaching that will assist them in their everyday walk with the Lord as well as help propel them into their destiny.  Adult Sunday School is one avenue for teachers to use their gift and fulfill this goal.  Another may be in Home Group settings. We have to examine and discuss topics of teaching to make sure we're all on the same page and going in the same direction.  Some training may be necessary.  The same criteria goes for those who would like to share in the Sunday Morning service.  We want to keep our messages relevant and dynamic and geared towards being effective first to those who are just hearing the Gospel for the first time, as well as those who have been hearing it for 30 years. 


  •  Evangelism:  This is everyone's ministry and is so needed, but we don't subscribe to the "shove the Bible down their throats" sort of evangelism of the past.  Neither do we believe in reaching people with a hell, fire, and brimstone sort of gospel that scares them into repentance.  Instead, we believe that the kindness of God brings people to repentance.   It is the Holy Spirit that does the work of drawing people to himself.  We merely need to share (and demonstrate) the message of God's hope and love  which does not always involve words.  It's also the Holy Spirit's job to convict of sin and the mercy of God through the blood of Jesus that forgives.  We believe we are all evangelists to those we come in contact with everyday.   Our brand of evangelism at Hope Chapel is what some may call "Friendship Evangelism."  By being involved in people's lives and by being a friend and demonstrating the love of God, the opportunity will come about when you can tell them with words about the love of God.   Tell them with your actions first.  Then invite them to become part of the loving family of God. 


  • Music Ministry:  Worshiping in song can be a wonderful experience for those leading and those participating in the audience.  Our main goal is to bring glory and honor to the Lord as well as declaring His will in our region by the words that we sing and say. While everyone thinks that being in the music ministry is a bit glamorous when they watch Jesus Culture videos, don't be fooled,  joining the music ministry can be a serious commitment in many ways.  Music minstry participants will need to attend rehearsals, come early before services for set up and practices, and be available on a regular basis. While having a deep passion to worship is important, it is not the only criteria that should be considered.  Individuals wishing to join music ministry should have the ability to work well with a team and maintain a positive attitude.  One  should have an obvious talent or potential in music if they are considering trying out.  We're not saying you have to be perfect in your gifting because, certainly, none of us are.  It's not our intention to hurt anyone's feelings (because we love you whether you can carry a tune in a bucket or not), but if you're trying out for drumming and you can't keep a beat, it's probably not going to work out.   Therefore, try-outs will be required for those wishing to join music ministry.  We are also willing to train you and help you develop your talents if you are a novice and have potential, but may not be quite ready to join.  This will sometimes require that you take lessons from a trained professional.   


  • Ministry of the Arts.  We think it would be really cool to have minsitries that involve glorifying God through the arts!  From visual arts to dancing to drama to the writing arts, if you have a passion and a talent for these things. let us know and we'll see if we can't get something going in these areas.  We love the ARTS!  The arts make life colorful.  God has given you these gifts for a reason.  Let's use them to draw people closer to the Lord and to declare His glory in all the earth!









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