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We are so glad you are checking us out!  We want you to feel comfortable and part of a community of caring people.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have! (The fact is Hope Chapel is new too!)


PARKING for Hope Chapel is located in four locations around the property-

1. Just below the residence at 14 Country LN in the half circle - regular parking  

2. In front of the Residence in the main driveway - Handicap parking and those with infants and small children

3. All the way down the gravel driveway near the cottage residence -reserved parking for those with mobility issues but not wheelchair bound. 

4.  Just past the cottage and down the hill on the lower level- parking for those physically fit and don't mind exercise.  There are stairs to the upper level.






























What Should I Expect?   You should expect a warm greeting at the door and a vibrant, Holy Spirit- filled service.  Our service starts at 11:00 am, (really 11:15 because our folks are very excited about fellowshipping) If you'd like to come a little early for coffee and donuts and chat with us, our coffee and fellowship time starts at 10:45 am.  


Worship Service

We are a Holy Spirit-led church. Our worship is passionate and somewhat unconventional. Our style is contemporary (non-traditional) and prophetic in nature (meaning - we are open to the Holy Spirit to give us spontaneous songs and people are encouraged to share what the Lord is showing them during worship.) Worship will usually last about 60 minutes or however long the Holy Spirit leads.  After worship we usually have announcements, the offering, and then a short  Holy Spirit-led message.  Sometimes if the Holy Spirit is moving in a certain way, we won't even have a message.  If we're not done by 12:30 (or whenever you need to leave) and you have family or other plans or work, please feel free to leave as needed.  We're happy to have you attend for however long you can!


On occasion we may have dinners after church and you should feel free to attend if you're available.  Feel free to invite friends and family.  We love people.  This is just one way we like to connect with people and get to know them.


Another way we like to create community is through HOME GROUPS, Bible studies, prayer and support groups. (see events page for different groups that meet during the week.)  You are invited to attend a home group in the area.   At Home Groups we get together for some food and fellowship and maybe have a little dialog on spiritual topics and some prayer.  Home groups are meant to create a relaxing, informal family atmosphere where we can get to know each other better.  We know that communication is key in relationships so we endeavor to keep the lines of communication open. 


For current locations of home groups give us a call at 518 303 3707 or ask a greeter at church. 


For those who want a deeper teaching/ study, we have an Adult Sunday School  available at 9:00 and 9:30 am.  


For those who like a deeper worship experience we host The Merge the 4th Friday of every month at 7 pm. 


What should I wear?   Most of us like to dress casually,  but if you like dressing up for church that's fine too.  Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.   


What do you believe?  Our Beliefs


Do you have any programs for my kids?  Kids are important to us!  We have children's church available for 6-11 year olds on Sunday mornings after worship.  We do not yet have a pre-school program or a nursery class, but parents are welcome to take younger children into the nursery at any time to color, play, eat, or be changed.  

* Note: Parental supervision is required for children in the nursery. 


We are working on developing a YOUTH GROUP ministry as well. We'll keep you posted. 






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